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About Me

Hi! My name is Sarah. I am a theatre maker and storyteller in Seattle, Washington.

I started doing puppet shows and choir in preschool, picked up piano in 2nd grade, added saxophone to my repertoire in 4th, and have been doing theatre since 6th. I went to school to hone my performance, earning my Bachelor's in Theatre Arts. I now act on stage, screen, and digital print. I do voice over for commercials, comics, local art clubs and podcasts.

I have spent the past several years building up my recording studio and contacts in the voice over world. This preparation has allowed me a flexible and open working schedule, so I can be receptive and responsive when needed for a project. My stage acting background has gifted me with a strong sense of character and clear articulation. For those musically minded, my speaking range is approximately E3-G5, paired with a naturally upbeat and personable timbre, perfect for advertisements, podcast intros, or education videos. I am also experienced in soothing and musical vocals, good for audiobooks or storytelling.

I look forward to giving my all to your project.